Price Matching at Paul Davies

competitive pricing

How we monitor competitors prices

At Paul Davies, we aim to give you the best prices together with the best service. We are constantly monitoring competitor prices in order to ensure our products offer the best deal around!

If you think you can get a better deal elsewhere, please call us or fill the price match form on the product you require - we will match or beat any  quotation for the products we have in stock that you may find on the internet please note that we only price match stores that have a reconisable name and unfortunatley on rare occasions this may not be possible but we will email a response with 24 hours

We believe our prices are already very competitive but recognise that, on occasion, you may find a similar item cheaper with a competitor.
Sometimes competitors only add delivery charges at the last moment, unlike Paul Davies where our charges are fully transparent.

Please note, our price matching service is only offered prior to ordering.