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Introducing Eco Kitchens, in collaboration with Paul Davies Kitchens: Where Sustainability Meets Stunning Design. At Eco Kitchens, we recognise that a kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals – it's the beating heart of your eco-conscious home. In partnership with Paul Davies Kitchens, our Harmony Collection has been meticulously crafted to elevate this central space, seamlessly merging ecological responsibility with breathtaking aesthetics.

Why Choose the ECO Range?

  1. Seamless Eco-Fusion: Each element within our Harmony Collection, in collaboration with Paul Davies Kitchens, is thoughtfully selected to seamlessly merge with the next, resulting in a harmonious ensemble that maximises both style and ecological efficiency.

  2. Customised Green Living: We believe that every kitchen should reflect your unique values. With the Harmony Collection, developed in collaboration with Paul Davies Kitchens, you have the freedom to choose from an array of sustainable components, tailoring your kitchen to align with your environmental preferences.

  3. Functionality Redefined: The Harmony Collection, a joint endeavour of Eco Kitchens and Paul Davies Kitchens, goes beyond surface beauty; it's dedicated to enhancing functionality while minimising your environmental footprint. From smart energy-efficient appliances to ergonomic layouts, every facet is designed to make your kitchen tasks a pleasure while minimising resource consumption.

  4. Sustainability in Every Fibre: Just as you take pride in being eco-conscious, we take pride in our craftsmanship. The Harmony Collection, a testament to quality and the collaborative effort of Eco Kitchens and Paul Davies Kitchens, utilises sustainable materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure your kitchen remains a sustainable focal point for years to come.

A Symphony of Sustainability and Elegance

The Harmony Collection, born from the collaboration between Eco Kitchens and Paul Davies Kitchens, shatters the limits of conventional kitchen design, offering a diverse array of options that range from sleek modern aesthetics to timeless eco-classics. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or a dedicated advocate for sustainable living, our Harmony Collection, in partnership with Paul Davies Kitchens, has something tailored to your sensibilities.

Experience the Harmony Difference at Eco Kitchens, in partnership with Paul Davies Kitchens

Are you prepared to revolutionise your kitchen into a space that embodies both form and ecological function? Pay a visit to our showroom and immerse yourself in the Harmony Collection, brought to you by Eco Kitchens in collaboration with Paul Davies Kitchens. Let our experts assist you in crafting an eco-friendly kitchen that seamlessly combines your values with stunning design. Witness first-hand how each element harmonises to create an unparalleled kitchen experience.

Discover the Harmony Collection: Transforming Kitchens, One Sustainable Piece at a Time

Step into the realm of innovation and sustainable creativity with the Harmony Collection, a joint effort of Eco Kitchens and Paul Davies Kitchens. Elevate your space, redefine what it means to cook sustainably, and watch as your kitchen evolves into a masterpiece of ecological design. Begin your journey today and embark on a mission to construct a kitchen that mirrors your commitment to both style and sustainability.

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Google Reviews

26 Feb 2023

Called into Paul Davies Kitchens & Appliances, Bolton to look at their kitchen range. We were immediately greeted by Stuart, we knew what we wanted and the prices so was happy to be shown around. I have to say that Stuart was very polite and extremely knowledgeable about all his products. We were that impressed by the products, prices and Stuart’s knowledge that we placed an order for several items. Would definitely recommend. Shaun & Gill.

Shaun Vernon
21 Feb 2023

This is on behalf of Mrs Gregory who's freezer needed replacing. Having used Paul Davies previously and no complaints decided this was first port of call. Rang in the morning and they advised if you can call in, pick one we will have it delivered in the afternoon and they were not wrong. Stuart helped through the process quickly and efficiently, credit to you.

Heather Jones
10 Jan 2023

I went in to Paul Davies looking for a refrigerator. My old fridge that I'd bought from Curry's had packed in after not very long at all. I was welcomed into the store warmly by Stuart. He didn't pressurise me into any purchase and told me that he would be available if I should find anything I liked or if I needed any information. After browsing a while I found one that was perfectly suitable. Stuart answered all my questions about the warranty and the brand, and even sorted out quick delivery, as I really needed the appliance. Thanks you Paul Davies and thanks Stuart for great customer service.

Simon Brewer
29 Dec 2022

I needed a new integrated fridge freezer fast. Very helpful lady helped me when I rang and told me I could delivery the next day. On visiting Paul Davies in Bolton, I met the lady I had spoken to, she showed all available choices and arranged next morning delivery. A new fridge freezer was delivered within 5 minutes of the time given. Excellent!

Judith Matthews
13 Dec 2022

First class friendly service provided by Stuart from the sales team. We purchased a new double oven and ceramic hob, Stuart showed us a comprehensive range and answered all our questions in a friendly manner before we made our purchase. Also we were provided with a day that suited us for delivery and installation. Price was excellent and compared favourably with other outlets and I much prefer to use instore rather than online when making this kind of purchase. Excellent customer service, we will definitely be using Paul Davies again.

Martyn Taylor
02 Dec 2022

Very efficient service. Ordered a range cooker and cooker hood and priced matched as promised. Would highly recommend.

S Cheung
30 Nov 2022

Ordered new hob Monday, delivered Wednesday,by 8am product installed and fitted. The fitter and driver phoned us 20 minutes prior to arrival,they were both excellent!

Lynn Lloyd