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Amica is an appliance manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in the industry. Amica appliances are recognised in over 40 countries for their style and efficiency. They also own Hansa, CDA and Gram brands that also specialise in kitchen appliances.

Amica offer simple solutions paired with advanced user friendly technology to assist a busy family lifestyle. Purchasing a kitchen appliance from Amica guarantees your appliance is of the best quality, durability and design. Every Amica Appliance is energy-efficient and safety certified. The appliances are packed full of features and functions to help you in the busiest of times


Amica’s History

In 1957, the first Amica gas/coal cooker was produced in Wronki, Poland. Fifty years later, Amica are producing a whole range of stylish, modern, energy-efficient household appliances designed to make customers’ lives that much easier. With Amica freestanding and integrated cookers, ovens, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, cooker hobs, microwaves and more available from many top UK home and kitchen appliance retailers. Today, Amica is almost unrecognisable from the small operation which began in the 1950s – yet still retains its core values and a commitment to providing intuitive, ergonomic technological solutions to household problems.


Amica – an Ecological Brand

Amica’s major contribution to environmental protection is the manufacture of home and kitchen appliances which are almost exclusively given A, A+ or higher energy efficiency ratings. In Amica’s laboratories, technicians are constantly working on ways to make our range of integrated and freestanding fridges, freezers, ovens, hobs, cookers and more even more efficient – which will not only help the environment, but also save you money on your energy bills.

Amica’s factories use the most advanced technologies to ensure their own operations are as environmentally friendly as possible, and can boast of lower water and energy consumption and limitation of waste and sewage


Guaranteed Quality Appliances from Amica

Purchasing a home or kitchen appliance from Amica guarantees you an appliance of quality, durability, efficiency and style. Everything manufactured at Amica’s plant in Wronki has certificates of safety of use, electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency and complies with all environmental legislation.

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