Company's ambitious plans saw a substantial setback last year with the onset of the global economic crisis. New measures were taken to secure Gorenje's existence and further development.

Professional approach and immense effort resulted in a timely and responsible reaction to the changed market conditions, allowing the company to retain the confidence of the consumers and even boost market shares.

Everyone at Gorenje believes that after the crisis, high level of innovation and development activities are the only way to success. Gorenje is more than a brand; it is a junction of people who believe in their own creative power and share a clear vision of the future – for the next 60 years of creativity.

Why buy Gorenje?

When buying any Gorenje appliance you can be confident you have purchased a high quality, reliable, environmentally friendly, innovative and stylish product from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of domestic appliances.

  • Gorenje offer a market leading FREE 5 year parts and labour guarantee on most of our built-in products.
  • All products are A+++ , A++, A+ or A energy rated and 90 % of the components used in the manufacturer of our appliances are recyclable.
  • For the fashion conscious consumer, we work with a number of high profile designers and created some unique collections including Ora-Ito, Karim Rashid and the retro collection.
  • After Sales Service is provided by one of the top independant service companies in the UK.
  • Gorenje employ the latest quality assurance standards such as ISO9001 and 6 sigma to ensure the highest possible product quality.
  • When Gorenje develop a new product we look for the most convenient and efficient solution in order to simplify operation and save time.
  • The latest Gorenje cooking appliances, as well as saving time can save up to 25 % of energy costs when compared to older appliances.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers use up to 18 % of all energy consumed in a typical home. The latest Gorenje models use almost half the electricity and water when compared to models over 15 years ago.
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