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Established in the early 1990’s, and acquired by the Candy Group in 2013, Baumatic has for over 20 years been renowned for researching trends in the premium sector and developing appliances that are strong in style, quality and function.

With an Italian heritage and a passion for cutting-edge design, the Baumatic brand is today focused on the development of fashionably designed built-in appliances that offer technological advances in cooking, cooling, dishwashing and laundry. With such innovation, Baumatic have new appliance ranges out annually.

Baumatic engages the most gifted product designers, and has created an enviable collection of appliances that embrace cutting-edge technology. This ensures every appliance works at its best, making light work of cooking and cleaning, and maximising leisure time. The family values that underscored the business 30 years ago remain a priority today.

Baumatic's Guarantee

Baumatic have demonstrated their huge demand by expanding across the world to become a global name. In 1992 they were established in the UK and then expanded to the Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, Germany, China and so the list goes on!

Baumatic believe their products will stand the test of time and so offer a much higher guarantee than most. With 2 years full guarantee and an extra 3 years parts, absolutely free. Make sure you register your appliance with Baumatic.

At Baumatic, no appliance will be manufactured unless it meets the very strict safety criteria for the users and their families as well as for the care of the environment.

The Baumatic's Brand

Baumatic's range of appliances includes range cookers, ovens, hobs, extractor hoods, dishwashers, refrigeration and laundry products. Baumatic is an ISO9001 certified company, ensuring a high level of quality service and efficiencies.

Today the Hoover Candy Group, employs over 1,350 people in the UK alone.

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