About Falcon:

Falcon is a renowned company in the kitchen equipments segment with more than 75 years of experience. The company's origin is UK and now available worldwide. Their core products are range cookers, Hoods and Splashbacks and Refrigerators. The key thing about falcon appliances is, they are sleek and stylish from outside and strong inside. Also, Falcon is a key player for commercial Kitchen Appliances in UK. Being one of the most popular brand and kitchen appliances store in UK, PaulDavies is the home for complete range of Falcon Kitchen Appliances.

At Paul Davies, you can find all popular ranges from Falcon including Range Cookers, , Hoods and Splashbacks and Refrigerators. Total we have more than 150+ appliances and equipments from Falcon. From such huge number of appliances, we handpicked some of the best appliances from Falcon for you.

The Best from Falcon:

Falcon 900 Deluxe Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Cherry Red: The star product from Falcon, it is. It has all the features you need in a perfect dual fuel range cooker like Stainless steel hotplate, 5kWcentral burner (Dual Fuel), Heavy-duty pan supports (Dual Fuel), Roll-out grill, Multifunction oven, Heavy-duty oven shelve, Fan oven (tall), 3 year guarantee, Catalytic liners, Flame safety devices, Dual circuit grill etc.

Falcon 1090 Contemporary Hood Cranberry And Nickel :  The stylish Contemporary Hood from Falcon is another popular and a must have product. It is available in 900 and 1092 widths, means two sizes. It comes with very attractive features like Powerful extraction rate of 1000m cubed/hr, Four variable speed settings, New light configuration gives optimum light on the hob, Grease filter timer alarm, Auto fan off if no operator action for 4 hours, Three years parts and labour guarantee, Two 50 watt integrated halogen spotlights, Extendable chimney length for a made-to-measure finish.

Falcon 900S Single Cavity Induction Range Cooker: If you are looking for a induction range cooker, consider Falcon 900S Single Cavity Induction Range Cooker. It comes in eight different colors and patterns. The key features of the same are Stainless steel hotplate, 5kW central burner (Dual Fuel), Heavy-duty pan supports (Dual Fuel), Multifunction oven, Energy saving panel, Roll-out grill, 3 year guarantee, Heavy-duty oven shelves, Flame safety devices, Thermal grilling etc.

Falcon Stainless Steel Canopy Hood : Stainless Steel hoods are most durable and requires less maintenance. The Falcon Stainless Steel Canopy Hood is sturdy, stylish and comes with all necessary functions. It comes with attractive features like Extraction rate of 870m cubed/hr, Professional style stainless steel insert, Operated by remote control or integrated push button panel, Four variable speed settings with 'intensive' function, Two 50 watt integrated halogen spotlights and Clean filter indication.

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